Montreal, September 3 2013

Reinventing the wheel at the Black & Blue !
The main event DJs are now announced !

The Montreal Black & Blue Festival needs no introduction. Taking place in Montreal during the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday weekend (which happens to coincide with the American Columbus holiday weekend), it has set spectacular standards in the art of throwing mind-blowing parties since 1991.

This year, the Black & Blue team is teaming up with the Priape Group and with New York’s Saint at Large to present the 23rd edition of the Black & Blue Festival from October 9 to 15 under the special theme of “The Reinvented Wheel”. For the first time, the team is moving the Main Event, which usually takes place at the Olympic Stadium or the Palais des Congrès, to a spectacular new venue called L’Arsenal. “This opens up new doors and avenues to explore for our creative team. L’Arsenal is now a major Contemporary art center but was, originally, a shipyard for commercial vessels. So basically, it is huge, has lots of production potential and is located in the new trendy part of Montreal (Griffin town). It’s just perfect for the Black & Blue event !”, says Robert J. Vezina, the Founding President of the Black & Blue.

Adding to the enthusiasm of organizing the event at L’Arsenal, the BBCM team is also excited to announce an incredible DJ line-up for the Black & Blue Main Event on Sunday October 13 from 6 PM to Noon the next day. Again this year, two rooms will allow the participants to enjoy both house and trance music. The line-up includes (in order of appearance, but subject to change):

For the official Warm-up from 6 PM to 10 PM:

  • Benoît Vinet (Montreal)
  • Debbie Tebbs LIVE (Montreal)
  • Stephan Grondin (Montreal)

For the House room from 10 PM to Noon the next day:

  • Antoine Clamaran (France)
  • David Penn (Madrid, Spain)
  • Satoshi Tomiie (Tokyo, NYC)
  • Pagano (London, UK)
  • Dennis Ferrer (NYC)

For the Trance Room from 10 PM to Noon the next day:

  • Deep Trance (Montreal)
  • Mike McCarthy (Montreal)
  • Carl Müren (Montreal)
  • Kyau & Albert (Germany)
  • Richard Durand (Amsterdam)
  • Ronski Speed (Germany)
  • Ross (Montreal)

Furthermore, the Black & Blue is also going back to its roots by presenting special shows and entertainment during the 14 hour long main event, including:

  • a major dancer show by Priape & The Saint at Large
  • a live music show by Tranzition Project (also launching their album on site)
  • a performance by the internationally renowned circus act, Cirque Éloize
  • a performance by Dominic Lacasse (and his group), the acrobat holding the Guinness Record of the “human flag”

The Black & Blue will also present special entertainment all-night long by: the BBCM & STOCK BAR podium dancers, a group of Drag Queens from Cabaret Mado, and immersive entertainment by Madame Simone and the team from Salon Panache.

All in all, the 2013 Black & Blue will be as spectacular as ever !

The week-long festival will take place from October 9 to 15 and will feature :

  • the Jock Ball (Oct. 10) at Club Unity
  • the Leather Ball with the 4 DJ collective LUTHER (Oct. 11) at Club Soda until 8 AM
  • the Warehouse Party, in collaboration with Interpride (Oct. 12) in the west section of the Arsenal until 6 AM
  • the official Recovery Party (Oct. 14) at Club Apollon
  • and many other events !

The Black & Blue will also present a major innovative art exhibit & auction, called “LIVE Art Multimedia Interaction” at L’Arsenal on both Saturday Oct. 12 and Sunday Oct. 13, where more than 40 artists will create art works to be sold via a silent auction on site. The public is invited to enjoy this LIVE exhibition free of charge on Saturday from 6 PM to 10 PM and on Sunday from 1 PM to 6 PM.

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